Learn For Free From My Heroes Bloggers

Nowadays I do not read a lot of blogs, but I did and I still get emails from them on a regular basis.

They are my favorite and I wish to meet them in person.

They are the real warriors and help everyone without knowing them.

Let’s Begin


#1: Neil Patel.com

I love this blog because I have learned a lot. Neil Write a lot of longest post every day.

Nowadays Neil’s youtube channel is offering more unique videos.


Also, he writes on another blog called Quick Sprout (Quick Sprout).

All Neil’s sites are about Teaching online Marketing and he is earning millions from it.

but it took him a lot of the time.

Thanks, Neil.


#2 Seths.blog

Seth Godin is an older online marketer, his philosophy about marketing is amazing.

His Marketing strategies are different for everyone and the good thing here is he is teaching it all around the world.

A couple of weeks ago he published another blog with the same old content called Seth.blog.

Of course, this blog is all about marketing. (Seth’s Blog)

He writes so amazing short blog posts. his recent blog post is, Where’s is the king of the ants? (Where’s the king of the ants?).

it’s the shortest and good post.

Build a Succesful Blog - seth goddin


#3: Yaro Starak

Recently yaro Changed his blog domain name from Entrepreneur journey to yaro. blog.

This Blog is not only about written content but yaro also published podcasts and create videos for his audiences.

He has many free E-Books which you can download from his blog.

Yaro Ebook ( Blog profit blueprint ) went viral when he published it in 2004 or 2005, he updates it after 2 or 3 years according to new blogging strategies and many more things.

Yaro has some paid courses where he teaches about blogging.

I am subscribed to his email list.

yaro dot blog is a good place to learn about blogging.

his recent posts are Strategies And Tactics: Do You Know Why You Are Doing What You Do?

Build a Succesful Blog


#4: jeff Goins

Build a Succesful Blog - jeef goins photo

Jeff is a professional writer he writes about the art of writing, his many best selling books are available in the market.

There are many free ebooks about writing which you can download from his blog.

Jeff also writes for other sites such as medium etc.

This blog is my favorite on writing.

If you want to learn about writing then you should not miss a day on it.


#5: JON Morrow

I do not read many of his posts regularly but Jon morrow is my favorite blogger.

His blog is all about blogging & traffic, etc.


#6: ProBlogger .com

Sometimes I visit this blog when I need some important info about blogging, promoting, guest blogging, etc.



Tha above all blogs are my favorite blogs, Everyone has their own unique style of helping others.


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