Looking for a Blog Writer, Admin, Social Media Manager – etc

We are aiming to expand our small team and hire the right people in our circle.

This is a small blog and we are experimenting with lots of ideas in the blogging world.

Our blog is getting more attention nowadays and we hope to work even faster and come up with more great ideas.

Recently we published lots of content in bulk and generated expected results. The main point which helps us are my “eight FREE Blogging Books“. 

Ya, we know that this is a small circle and the offer of free books is really heavy.

And that’s what we do.

we are fun and easy to work with. 

We are sharing our real experiences in blogging and have spend lots of money to generate real-time results by experimenting.

Our Final goal is to show people that you can be a successful blogger by investing $0 – ZERO.

And to prove this we need real people with real work.


Who we NEED

We are in need of many people with multiple skills – Go through the description and follow instructions to apply – It’s Simple and easy – Not corporate type.


Content Writer

Simply leave a link to your blog with 2 – 3 sentences and that set.



Just introduce and paste a link to your work on a page or blog.


Social Media manager

Any work you have done for a blog or company


WordPress admin

The main part we need help with is our social media pages and blog administration.

There is no hard work but we still need someone to cover our back.


Beginners are welcome 

If you have recently started blogging or know someone who is interested in blogging and all other stuff then share with them and consider it as a help for nothing in return.


The last Hard JOB – SEO expert 

Do you have experience with running a small domain blog and have success if yes, please apply.

If you don’t have experiences with subdomain and know someone else then share with him/her.

So we can go through their profile.


How to APPLY

Please strictly follow the instruction. if you don’t follow the instruction carefully then you will not get a chance to review.

it’s simple but with zero tolerance – because we are using the wp platform and they hate spams – etc and we don’t want our blog to be flagged.

You don’t have to tell us your story here – but we will visit your blog to analyze it.

We will take time to find our team members for once – we have lots of work.


Simply leave a link to your assets in the comment section of any blog post and you are done. 

 Long comments will be deleted and will not be considered. 

We want everyone to be treated equally.


Don’t take it by heart and raise expectations but continue your job search. 


We will contact the right candidates and will share – “Why we hired”

PS. Do your job and we will our – Please don’t use backdoor strategies – we hate it.


If any question you can ask – Your question will be answered if it worth your and our time.

Negative and spam comments will be marked spam.



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