Make Money Right NOW – By Simply Promoting My FREE 8 Blogging Books

Everything has been made and ready for you – you don’t have to work hard to create a system or write books and then pay for marketing strategies.

Today I will quickly walk you through simple tactics that will make you money online – Even if you don’t have a blog/website.

Also, you don’t have to wait for approval – Everything is plug and play.

So let’s Get started.


My Books

I’ve written 8 Blogging books and as you may know, I always promote my books in new blog posts.

My books are available on amazon but on my blog, I give it FREE to read and download.

No – I’m not going to tell you to join the Amazon associate program and sell my books – Absolutely – Not.

Only for a limited time, my books are FREE for Everyone.

All you have to get a special link and promote through your own account and when someone clicks on the link he/she will be redirected to complete a simple task and get the book.

When some complete that simple task such as

  • Survey
  • Installing app
  • etc

then you will get paid.

The best thing I love about this method is quick to pay.

Once you complete your 30 days then you will get paid every week on Friday at 5 pm.


So let’s get into Work

The first step for you is to join the CPA lead network and then get your link to my books (approved by the CPA network).

So it means you don’t have to create one or write a book.

Go here and sign up no approval is required.

once you joined and confirmed your email then from the left menu on the CPAlead website click on the landing pages then Browse pre-Made pages ( that I’ve created and approved)

Then scroll down (you can’t search) in the pre-made pages Look for my 8 books titles.

I’ve written the description and images have been added.

  1. Passion Blogging
  2. Make Money Blogging

  3. Out Rank Experts – Smart Ideas

  4. Blogging Community

  5. Blog Traffic – Proven Strategies

  6. Blog Writing

  7. Blogging Book

  8. Build a Successful blog – Free E-book

Choose any of them to get links or get your special link for all books to promote.

after clicking promote this page wait a little and a popup window will show up telling you that you have cloned the page and copy your link.

copy and share around on your

  • social network
  • blog
  • Pages
  • etc

once someone click and complete an action then you will get paid.

Easy and peasy.

Check the landing pages and if you needed to write some description then go here copy-paste the description or write your own.

If you needed any help quickly ask me in the comment section and I will respond as soon as possible.

Thanks – Good Luck.


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