Make Money With your Twitter Account

as you all know Twitter is one of the best social networks known after Facebook &. Twitter is most commonly used by celebrities and brands.

Twitter is really a successful social network and Peoples are just crazy behind Twitter followers and their followings on Twitter.

However, you really do not need to have a blog to make money with your Twitter account.

You just need to have a Twitter account with a good list of followers. So today I will be showing you a list of the sites that pays you for linking your account with them and doing tweets for which u will be getting paid.


Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored Tweets is recognized as one of the best sites to make money with Twitter. It is a well-known service. Sponsored tweets also let you set your own price per click for the ads you will tweet. You can choose the ads you tweet from a list of ads that are updated regularly.
Build a Succesful Blog
For getting started with Sponsored Tweets you should have at least 50 followers, 100 tweets, and an account that is 60 days old for signing up to sponsored tweets.


My likes is another extensive and popular ad platform that can be used on your Twitter account, Tumblr, YouTube, and your blog also.
You can choose from thousands of advertisers and you can also schedule the time when the advertisement will be tweeted from your Twitter account. You can earn around .50$ per click on your tweets and you can get a payout per week.

Rev Twt

Rev twt is another twitter-based advertising platform it is based on a high number of Twitter followers. In simple words the more followers, you have on Twitter the more money you can make.
It works on the basis of CPC (Cost per Click) or CPT (Cost per Thousand Followers). You can also add multiple Twitter accounts in Rev Twt to make more money. Payments are made via PayPal when you reach a minimum of 20$ in your account.

AD.LY is another good service that will let you send advertisements to your Twitter account. Nowadays it is pretty much popular as it will enable you to monetize valuable content you are producing.
However, you would not be getting paid per click. Instead of PPC, you will need to create a profile based on your interests then advertisers can choose your account to publicize a campaign. You had to agree to send some tweets to a specific schedule and you will get paid.

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