Mistakes are Beautiful Make it Be Proud of it and Pay for it

Especially only in the blogging world.

Mistakes lead you to fail day after day and failing leads you to success.

Most of the people walk through the success stairs by failing in every step.

And they make their failure a step of success.

They have the courage and room to make mistakes and then take that mistakes as a helpful guide.

They allow themselves to make mistakes and find the right patterns in that mistakes.

The question is the struggle – when you have the courage to struggle and warmblood then don’t worry mistakes are Beautiful.

The other side is to have something to pay for it.

Yes – it’s true you have to pay to recover.

Making mistakes pushes you back not to the front but it still okay.

Like an arrow, you have to go a little back if you want to go faster further and hit the aim.

We are all mistaken we make it and we are proud of it.

But don’t count those who don’t want to pay for it.

It’s beautiful.

When you pay – it turns into a lesson and hard to forget.

Make mistakes and then make them perfect.

This beauty is your best teacher and befriend.

In my story, I don’t see a single step where I’ve not failed or made mistakes.

From the ABC 🔤 I went to the author of 4 books 📚 .

And the journey is still on the road.

Nowadays getting tons of evidence of my success and when I look back I only see mistakes and failing leads.

Everything counts either it’s towards failure or success.

Write your story we need to listen.

We need you to lead us. Thanks 😊

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