My Secret and Effective Tactic To Promote a New Blog Post

Your blog posts are the souls of your blog.

If you promote your blog posts effectively then you do not need to worry about promoting your whole blog.

I will only write here about one way which I use and some other people, who are deep diggers.

Before we talk about promoting, it’s worth discussing a little bit about blog and blog posts for better comprehension.

Every blog has

  • * Topics
  • * Audiences
  • * Competitors

From right here you need to master your topic, know well your blog audiences, Especially spy on your competitors and also what’s trending in your niche.

Before you write another blog post for your blog you need an idea to write about.

The best way here is to get a trending idea, go to BuzzSumo (BuzzSumo: Find the Most Shared Content and Key Influencers).

Type your niche in the buzzsumo search bar also you can filter related blog posts that are getting more shares on social media (it means these are trending)

Once you picked the idea and completed your blog post or you already have a blog post.

Now is the time to take steps to promote your blog posts.

This is the only way which can generate unexpected results. in this method, you directly contact people to see your stuff and responds quick.

So let’s Begin!


Build a Succesful Blog




Step #1: Buzzsumo

Go to buzzsumo type the main words from your blog post headlines and hit enter.

For example, I have a written blog post “How to crush writer’s block Even If You Have Bundle of reasons

so I will type this “writer’s block” and the buzzsumo will come up with some results.


So now I will make sure which of the blog post is nearly related to my blog post so I will choose one and then I will hit the sharers on Twitter or any other social network, Twitter is my favorite.

This Blog post #3 is related to mine in the buzzsumo result.


  • This blog post has 8 tips
  • Published on June 29,
  • It’s been shared 2k times on FB
  • On Twitter, it has been shared 620 times “it means it is a good blog post”
  • on linkedin 21 times.

Now here I will Click on the option “View Sharers” As arrow #4 represents.

If you don’t use the pro planing of buzzsumo then buzzsumo will not show you the sharers.

Don’t worry here’s is a simple trick, Copy the chosen blog titles and paste it into the Twitter search bar.

Twitter will give you the best result.


So I will click on their profile one by one and I will tweet or DM to them like this.

Hey, “person name,” I noticed on Twitter that you have shared this ( Blog post titles) it’s a helpful post, So I am also interested in the topic that’s why I have written these blog posts, Related or from another angle.

So My only request is for you to allow me to send you the link and give me the feedback.

Just Like This.


Click on Tweet and be a human make mistake while tweeting.

It’s that simple, once you tweeted to all sharers you will get the permission because you are not spamming but you are asking for permission and respecting others.

You can get 80% positive results from this method and at the same time, you will get more shares and feedback.

It means, Two birds with one stone.

Once you got permission from the requested people then write a short message like this.

Hey, Person name” Thanks for the reply, here’s the link, I can’t wait to discuss it further with you on my blog. Thanks again.

The hardest part I skipped is to do your best while writing, researching, rewriting your blog post.

Because right here you are not blindly posting your blog post on social media sites but you are having a real conversation with a real person who is interested in the same topic you are.


If you have any question feel free to ask

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