My Successful Blog Writing Technique

Everyone is living his own lifestyle and having their own principle, tools, and techniques.

But when it comes to writing you have to master your writing strategy and crafts.

The technique which I am going to discuss is simple and I am using it for years.

With the help of this technique, I wrote

  • Also on many other small sites

Long story short This technique always works for me and this is a popular technique that works for everyone.

Even people use this technique to write books not only blog posts.

The process is easy and step by step.

Let’s dive into the Mad man writing technique.


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#1:) – Mind-Map Or Mad-Man

Build a Succesful Blog - Writing technique - madman

Just like a madman – you may have seen in the streets who collects everything good and bad.

  • Plastic bottles
  • Shopping bags
  • Old and New things

Whatever comes on his way he just put everything in his big bag.

The madman doesn’t care either the things will help him somehow or will hurt him but he keeps collecting.

The same principle is applied in this technique in the first step.

You grab a paper and pen and you just collect all the junk thoughts from your mind about a specific topic.

The best thing is to write the topic title in the middle of a big paper and around that title convert your junk thoughts into writing.

If you want to use a tool for this process use app.

Build a succesful blog - - templates in png


#2:) – Architect

build a succesful blog

In the second step as an architect, your job is to draw lines and put your junk thoughts in order.

It means outlining.

As you know an architect first makes a shape of a building or a house in his mind.

And then he draws some lines on a big paper and in the result he gives a whole shape to his work.

Just like an architect you have to give shape to your junk thoughts.

Once you become an expert in this technique later you can just give numbers 1, 2, 3, to your mind map points without writing in a separate paper.

This way you can save some time.


#3:) – Carpenter


As a Carpenter, your task is to complete the unfinished job of the architect.

It means writing and completing arguments in a sentence and in paragraphs which you will later convert to one big argument.

Design the simple black lines on white paper.

All I mean to complete the paragraphs, sentences, and other points.

As a Carpenter add some wood pieces to both ends and in the middle.

In short, the Carpenter task is to finish writing without rewriting.

This part of the writing process can take 50% of your writing time.

Because your writing quality and quantity depend on this step.

Take your time and be a good Carpenter.

At last add all sentences, paragraphs in order to build your final document.


#4:) – Judge

Build a succesful blog - writing technique judge

Hay – here No mercy – neither for you and nor for your darling.

First, you were a

  1. Mad man
  2. Architect
  3. Carpenter

But this step is a completely different one from the other parts.


Because in this step you will cut your writing without any mercy.

Writers call this technique “killing your darling”.

You may have noticed everyone loves his written words more than anything else.

And then cutting that words from the documents by following rules just feel like killing your darling.

Now it’s time to show no mercy to the wrongdoer as a judge.

Just like a real judge who put people in prison because of their bad.

So cut the words, sentences, even the whole paragraphs if needed.

But don’t show any mercy and keeps on deleting the clutter.

Once you finished the rest is your pure document.

So this is how you will write your next blog posts or any other documents.


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This is a simple technique that needs only practice.

Each part has its own style and joy.

This technique plus hard-working will amaze you with your progress in no time.

Even some people say that they had no idea that they can write a lot by using this simple strategy.

In a nutshell, it’s your chance to shine your blog.


If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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