Never Try These SEO Tactics on your Blog

Alluring though it may be, using deceptive SEO tactics to garner higher page ranks, limit the benefits to the short-term only. Sometimes these practices are deliberate and at other times due to oversight.  Whichever they may be, these tactics eventually cause you more harm than good in the long term. Outlined below are some commonly used tactical SEO strategies aimed at tricking search engines, which eventually run out of steam.

Disguising content and/or hiding text from view:  If found presenting different content to search engines and site visitors respectively, not only do you face a fine but chances of being barred by search engines.


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Hidden text, using the same color for the site’s background and. These tactics eventually get noticed, sending up a red flag notice.

Cramming keywords and content copying/duplication: While it’s necessary to use certain keywords in your content, overuse of keywords negatively affects SEO results. Likewise, cramming keywords on the bottom of your page causes more damage than an advantage.

Remember to check that all your hard work in generating content is not blatantly copied on other websites. Search engines do not continuously repeat indexing of similar content and this may eventually affect your page rankings. Content monitors including Copyscape and Copygator can help you fix the copy-cat hitch.

Link building for greater credibility: Boost your online credibility among search engines. Instead of buying links, organically attaining will prevent a sudden and sharp rise in the number of links, which in turn prompts a red flag, highlighting this irregularity to search engines.

Avoid using automated software to post your comments: Improve your online image by posting comments on blogs in your sphere and also attach your URL for further reference. Take care not to overdo it and be sure to abstain from using any automated software when posting your comments. You are bound to feel the pinch if search engines notice the use of an automated route.

Do not buy domains that are past the expiry date: Some chose to piggyback on the strength of redundant domains and then link it to their own site. Rest assured this isn’t a viable solution for the long-term as it affects the link credibility of your site.

It’s normal to want to take the quickest route to higher rankings and online visibility. However as has been pointed above, short-cuts, which violate ethical SEO may have just had the opposite effect. Awareness of these commonly deployed dishonest SEO strategies can help you steer clear of their potentially damaging effects. It can also help you enhance your online credibility and improve the overall resilience of your site.

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