Profitable Niches For Bloggers In 2021

Do You Want to explore the world of blogging and play your part in the journey?

Then you’re at the right place.

Rich is in the Niche

In this post, I will go through some profitable niches that will help you better decide a niche for your blog.

Before we dig deeper – one thing you must keep in mind That never go broad on your blog topic in the beginning.

If you want to just passionately blog and don’t expect any (ROI) return of investment then you can go broad and can write about several topics.

And your blog will be considered as a personal blog, not a niche blog.

In the beginning, I have done the same thing.

But if you want to earn from your blog then you must focus on a specific niche and come up with solutions that people face and actually search for.

Start from very basic and a micro niche will perform best.


Blog Writing

Blogging and writing are riches topics and it’s hard to cover both topics at the same time.

There can be hundreds of niches in one topic and micro-niches.

So to shoot for Blog writing you must check on some facts.

As you know blogging is becoming so much popular day after day and year after year.

People all around the world are stick to create new blogs and publish tons of content.

But when it comes to writing blog posts daily they struggle a lot.

You may have experienced the same – For me it was so hard and I was thinking that this is impossible to write a blog post every day or twice.

“Hiking in Sleepers”

it’s a problem and it needs a solution – If you really want to invest your time in blogging start helping people to write blog posts that people will love.

Here’s a quick view that how many blogs are published today.

Blog post Written Today



As the digital world is gaining more exposure at the same time more needs arise and more problems are filling the space.

But you don’t have to go deeper and broader.

Just pick a simple niche and start blogging about it in different formats if possible.

Go simple or if you know a high-quality skill or something else then you should stick to blog about that.



Don’t get me wrong I am not talking about the whole “Marketing Giant”.

As a blogger, you must stick to affiliate marketing because people are going crazy about affiliate marketing.

It seems like easy money.

So if you teach people how to promote other companies’ particular products and How to earn money with it of course it will payback.

Also, you can go more specific just like to teach people about E-mail Marketing.

In this new video, you can learn some Affiliate marketing tricks.



KDP Amazon

Do you know people nowadays are struggling a lot to write their own E-books and become authors?

This niche doesn’t need explanation – See for yourself.

amazon global Funds

And in the last month when I saw in my inbox ( January ) it was $ 36 million.

So if you dare to teach people how to write E-books and become authors then you can make a decent income.



There are thousands of niches that are waiting for people to earn with.

A pro tip here – if you know something well then blog about that because when you blog about your passion then you can achieve more success with it.


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