How to Write a Blog Post? Quick Tips

Most of the time a little push is required to achieve big things. but when it comes to blogging you will notice that blogs without words are empty houses.

Bloggers sometimes run multiple blogs and to write a new blog post we sometimes spend several hours writing a perfect blog post

  • Craft the Catchy Headline
  • Mind MAp
  • OutLine
  • Write
  • Rewrite
  • Research
  • Adding facts
  • Choosing a right photo

And a lot more. These all things come at once and overwhelm us.

In this post, I will go through some quick tips to remember and that will help you to write your best blog post.

So let’s Begin.


1: – Inspiration

how to quickly start my blog

Always look for inspiration to write a blog post. and before you lose the inspiration complete your blog post as soon as possible.

Once you missed the emotions to write then it will never come back instead of the idea having in your hands.


2: – Headline

Never write a single word until you do not final the headline. crafts up ten headlines and speak them loud and catch your write one.


3: – Mind Map

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Write your chosen headline in the middle of a paper and around write your thought in really short phrases.

The better time for this process is before sleeping – it will help you to wake up early and while sleeping your mind makes patterns that will help you while writing.


4:- Outline

Simply write numbers next to your short phrases. 1 – 2 -3. it’s also a before sleep task to be done.

don’t overthink this and if you have another idea for another blog post then repeat the same process.


5: – Write


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After the catchy headline writes an attractive intro that will catch the reader’s attention.

You can ask a quick question or can talk about recent facts.

Short stories work the best. Read some magazine’s first sentences and you will get the idea of writing an intro.

Don’t go too long – usually, an intro can be around 200 words.


6: – Heading

Always separate your topics by heading H1 – H2 -H3 and so on.

A well-organized post always keeps readers engaged.

while writing heading so not bother yourself to research at the same in the first try only write and put your thoughts on the page.


7: – Rewrite

blog writing

Once you finished your first drafts then start rewriting and correct all grammar mistakes – spelling errors, etc.

if something is not making sense cut it without showing any mercy.


8: – Visualize

When your post becomes ready then add photos and screenshots from facts.

Add tons of links to the related blog posts.


9:- Setup and Publish

If you are a user then add 15 tags and categories total to your blog post.

Visit tags to actually confirm that tags are getting enough users if so then publish to it.

Add featured image and clear everything.

Don’t forget to double-check the publishing time set at to current time and HIT publish.


10: – Repeat

A pro tip here is to practice the technique and make it a habit.

In my book, I’ve written about buildings habit from scratch of anything you should read.




Blog writing is simple and does not make it complex – all it requires is practice and practice.

Design a cycle from the above tips and run in that circle.

keep yourself in the middle of writing a blog post all the time.



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