Quick Tips for Promoting your Blog – Beginners

Social media can boost your blog readership but this method is more than just simply sharing through different social platforms. Where you promote and who your target audience is important. Ask yourself: who is your target audience? Are they male or female or both? Are you targeting a geographic location? What other websites and online activities are your potential readers likely to be involved in?

What needs or interests does your audience have? Answers to these questions can impact which social media basics you pursue for your blog.


How to be a succesful blogger

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Facebook Sharing

Hundreds of millions of people are on Facebook each day which makes it one of the premier social media platforms to use. You can share your latest blog post by posting it onto your corresponding blog Facebook page. It also won’t hurt to share it through your personal Facebook page. Invite friends and fans to comment and share with others.


Tweet to Broaden your Reach

Twitter is another social media basic you should employ when promoting your blog. You can expect high traffic and it is quite easy to tweet a quick message with a link to your latest blog post. Because you are limited in characters when tweeting, your message should be concise and interesting enough for people to want to click through.


Other Growing Social Media Outlets for Promotion

Visually appealing images are important to blog posts. When you have them, it makes social media platforms like Pinterest more significant. You can pin images to a Pinterest board that others can find based on specific search engine results. Your Pinterest page can then drive traffic to your blog site. If your blog is more business-based or profession-oriented, LinkedIn is a great social media platform to utilize.

Followers gained from this niche platform would be perceived as more valuable than in other social media avenues. It is important to use several social media basics in order to promote your blog.

Ensure that your posts are of quality content and provide some kind of value to your readers. This will prompt your current readers to share your blog with others through their own social media outlets.
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