Quick Tips to Build a Successful Blog

No matter how lazy you are but if you keep these quick tips in mind you will be able to break the ice.

To play your part in blogging you must fill the gaps step after step.

So in this post, you will learn about the ins and outs of successful blogging at a quick glance.

Let’s Begin


Clearing Your Spot

Build a Succesful Blog - small goals


The first step for you is to clear your spot – where are you actually in the game of blogging.

Right now how happy you are with your progress in blogging?

Clear your target or set some sub-goals – major goals and in the last final goal.

The last step for you to start filling that gap.


Build an Outstanding Blog Design

If you are low on budget you still have tons of options to build a blog completely free with wordpress.com and apply a free theme that I am using for years. (since 2014).

And I found nothing bad and still going through the journey.

If you want everything fancy and want to go a step ahead of your competition.

Then for wordpress Bluehost is your friend with a one-year free domain.

Setup your blog the way you want. Just stick to clear everything before you write a single word.



build a succesful blog


Never compromise on your blogging skills Learn and practice them until you don’t master them.

Especially the writing – Research – and content marketing skills.

In my book, Skills hold the first priority pages.

Skills are the breakthrough.



I am not talking to spam the feeds – I am talking to be really engaged with the same tasters.

  1. Write content consistently –
  2. Schedule posts with buffer.com
  3. Write on medium
  4. answer people questions on quora

Don’t forget to leverage SEO.



Repeat the circle until it does not start to produce results – There many other steps to follow and sip the juice.

For now, stick to these strategies and keep yourself busy with the A/B testing.


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