Quick Tips to Catch New Blog Post Ideas

A few minutes back I faced this problem.  it’s somewhat difficult to start.

I started my writing with this post …

here are the tips for new posts when you have nothing in your mind to share …

Visit your competitor’s blogs. Read their popular articles and you will mostly find something to post, which they ignored in their posts. Pay attention to their posts, check how they are updating their blogs .. this might give you a good idea to start.


Check your old posts and comments and check for any debit promises you made (something you promised to post but ignored or forgot after that ).


Build a Succesful Blog



Have a hot cup of coffee and start a series of posts. This will give you so much work and it will increase your returning visitors count also. Start one week or 15 days series of posts and post at least one article a day. ( 15 ways to increase your traffic and post at least one way daily for 15 days.)


If someone asks any question in your comments and if that question is worth a good post, then answer it as a new post.


Browse forums in your niche and participate in hot discussions and I’m sure you will find the best topic for a new post.


If you have an idea of writing down your ideas in a notebook, check your old notebook or ideas book and check it for new ideas to post. It’s really a very good habit, a blogger should have.


Add more categories in your blog, so you can have more ground to post and share with your loyal readers.


Make a suggested page in your blog or add a poll in your blog, ask your readers, what topics they are interested to read. Follow the results.


Revise your old memories in your field, share them with your friends, aka readers.

hope the above list helps. Happy Reading and hope you will spread the word.

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