Resaons – Why your Blog are Still not Making Money

You can have the fanciest website with a lot of colorful graphics, high converting pages, pictures, attractive offers, excellent products, etc.

But without traffic to this stuff, you are still are the start line. Success in any Internet Business comes from traffic. You will have to make a lot of sacrifices for this if you are a newbie.

There are paid traffic methods and there are free traffic methods. Well, the paid methods are generally the quickest way to generate traffic but if you don’t have any money and are just starting out you will have to work hard with the free methods to generate traffic. Get the following quote into your head.


Below I have listed various methods to drive traffic. Check them out:-


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Paid Advertising:-

 This is a paid traffic method where you buy traffic from search engines/ other traffic marketplaces and pay per visitor/ thousand impressions on your banner etc. Head over to GOOGLE ADWORDS to buy traffic from google. It is probably the quickest form of getting quality traffic to your site.

But only if you are ready to cough up quite some amount of cash. Paid advertising surely delivers high-quality traffic in the shortest possible time but it comes with an expensive tag.


Search Engine Optimization/ Organic Traffic:-  

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This method is used to drive traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc organically.

That is ranking on the search results well so that people can find your site and visit.

I love this type of business model as it is like opening a store and letting people visit your store based on their needs. So you already know what to sell to your well enough.

This type of traffic generation involves submission to article directories, press releases, guest blogging, commenting in forums and on other sites, etc.

The advantage is this helps generate traffic and permanently unlike PPC which is temporary traffic that is as long as you pay for. The disadvantage is it takes a lot of time to build it up. You can outsource the work if you like for faster results but again it comes with an expensive price tag.


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Driving Traffic from  EmailMarketing/Newsletter/RSS:-

You can make sure that the traffic that comes to your site comes back again and again by telling them about updates on your website or your products/ services with email marketing with the help of newsletters. Put up a subscription box on your website.

Get a professional autoresponder service like AWEBER. I  recommend AWEBER cause it is the best autoresponder service out there and it boasts of 99% inbox delivery rate. Integrate your RSS with your Aweber.

Now every time you post a new article or service on your blog a mail will go out to all your subscribers telling them about it.

Which will also include a link back to your blog with the entire article. This way you can make sure people interested in your site come back again and again increasing your traffic numbers by thousands.



Social Media is increasingly becoming a very important traffic source for many websites.

It has the capacity to drive thousands and thousands of visitors and one main feature of social media is the ability to make your promotion go viral.

Meaning people will spread the word themselves for you. Something that awws the people will surely spread like fire.

And if you promote your message with an AWW in it, then you will get thousands and thousands of visitors from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc virally with no effort and no investment involved.

For example, if your promotional message grabs the attention of a lot of viewers then it will hit hundreds of Facebook walls and can also end up on the first page of Digg.

Your message can also be tweeted virally across the huge Twitter network.

This is enough to drive traffic in 6 figures per day to your site!!!! But yes you will not succeed always.

You need a brilliant Idea and also need to be lucky at the same time to make this work. Anyways you can always form a fan page for your site on Facebook and advertise it over their huge network, targetting only interested people and then promoting your products, services to your fans. This will surely produce huge results!!!


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