Smart Steps to Get Traffic By Using Answers

Do you want Some reliable ways that will drive traffic to your blog, 24/7?

If – Yes – then you are at the right place.

In this post, I will show some unique ways to bring traffic from Quora and other related ways.

Most of the people are pulling traffic from Quora the hard way but here go through some smart ways.

Let’s begin.


Popular Question

On Quora, people ask different questions about various topics and niches.

The best thing about Quora is that you can find and learn about small and big things.

Another good quality of Quora is that people share their real experiences and they are always there to answer you if you have any.

Even in a micro-niche, you will find tons of knowledge and real experiences.

So everyone in the blogging industry uses quora and from beginner bloggers to experts they all drive traffic to their sites.

So why not we should do the same a little smart and different.

So the first thing is to cover the areas of quora.

Signup or login into Quora.

Type your blog topic keywords and hit enter.

how to get more traffic from quora

Check out the answers and questions and start writing your best answer there.

A pro tip here is to not promote anything but to add links to your best-related blog posts.

It will take some time but this is the essential tip to follow.


Follow Topics

Here’s the smart way – when you follow some topics and write on some popular questions people will start asking you questions.

So it’s even more effective because the answer will work as a one-on-one class.

So you can easily convince that person and guide him/her easily.

Another good tip here is that on the left side Quora shows you the questions for you – option.

You can still write answers to that questions if they have not invited you to answer.

how to get traffic from quora on my sub domain blog blog

Find a question and write your best answer.

Once you wrote then don’t hit the submit button. but wait to read the next step.


Publish on your Blog

The first question pop into your mind – Will it not be considered duplicate if I post on my blog and submit it on Quora too?

In the last, you will also publish on medium.

No – I have the proof.

how to drive traffic on my subdomain blog from quora

When you own it – you can publish it anywhere.

After writing the answer change the title according to the answer.

Copy the whole answer and add

  • Tags and categories
  • Featured Image
  • Sub – Headlines
  • conclusion

And publish on your blog.

As soon as you published – Now submit it to Google in the Search Console.

If your site is not verified on the Google search console you can go through the process here.

If you have – then copy the URL of the recently published post and paste it into the search console inspection bar.

expert bloggers url inspection search console

Then hit Enter.

After inspecting – the URL will not be found on Google and as it true it’s a new URL.

Click on the index button to index and chill.

Now, this post will consider originally published on your blog so you are the owner.

And according to Moz Google only look at which one is the original to show in the search results.

how to be a succesful blogger -duplicate content


Wait There is another Smart Pro Tip.

Don’t hit the submit button on Quora.

Go to and log in.

Once you logged in – click on your profile and then click on the stories.

On the next page, the Import button will appear.

Now easily paste the recent published URL in the import bar.

how to drive traffic on my subdomain blog from quora

Click Import.

Once you fully edited – Now it’s time to add some tags according to your blog post.

The medium allows up to 5 tags. Add and hit Publish.

Now you are free to click the submit button on quora.

Your answer must be rich in information and full of instructions.

In the end, paste some URLs of your top blog posts as a suggestion for the reader.

Also, encourage the reader to ask if he/she has any related questions.

While writing your answer talk about your real experiences, stories to build trust.


There is another secret tip to drive traffic from search engines through quora  – that is simple and amazing.

Stay tuned I will share that tip In future posts.

These tips need consistency and of course, it’s payback.



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