The Do’s and Dont’s of a Succesful Blog

The number 1 Do’s is to learn the fundamentals of successful blogging.

The basic rules of blogging. which will help you understand.

What does it take to build a succesful blog?

and how to use it for personal and company brand.

2nd: You can blog about anything but do not blog about everything. this is the bad side of blogging which people do not get in the beginning.

3rd: A blog is a tool for your passion, personal brand, business brand. it’s nothing more.

4th: Only blog about your passion. I mean, what are you love to do. when you do what you love, you get the reward by doing it. and you will not expect rewards from the outside world.

Your passion will help you to be consistent and this is the number 1 reason your blog will be succesful if you are consistent, if not you will be considered as a failure until you do not follow consistency.

learn more about these points on Jeff Goins’s blog by downloading his free guides.

Once you cleared your passion and won the battle of consistency, that’s where the fun begins.

5th, Find the same tasters, Bloggers call them audiences.

Instead of promoting your work to them, start a conversation with them. and appreciate their work too.



dont's of succesful blogging

Do not write on your blog until you do not make a relationship with the same tasters ( who are interested in the same topic you are )

It can be 1 person or two, 100 or 1k. No problem but do get someone who will read your words.

The best place for doing this is quora and FB groups.

Do not try to be on every social platform, But choose only 1 or 2 social sites to hang on to.

Keep doing your passion if still, nobody shows up to read/see your crafts.

Do not write for everyone but write only for a specific group of people on your blog.

If you are not good at writing start a podcast or generate video content. Get your message out in any format.

Do not expect big rewards from your blog in the beginning. do not compare yourself to other top bloggers, but do learn from them.

Do not do all the things on your own ask for help.

Thanks, If any doubt follows the last rule.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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