The Idea of Blogging VS Earning Money


Anyone can make a full-time income through blogging.

But you have to be clear about the idea of blogging.

1st. What is Blogging?

Blogging is not a money-making machine but it’s a tool to use.

You got a specific skill which people want to learn and you are best at that skill.

I have written many examples in my book.

But here I will give you a clue.

Everyone has a passion and he/she wants to be busy with that passion just like

  • Writers
    Tech-savvy (like me)
    Social media lover

I know some people on the web who love to grow decoration plants in small homes/apartments.

And they tell other people how to do the same and they are earning thousands of dollars. Believe it or not.

Some are teachers and they only teach one or two skills.

But some are giants and they teach multi-skills and more complicated skills such as programming and marketing.

In my book, I have written in detail about some people who grow chicks in their home back yard and sell eggs and they also teach people to do the same and make money through blogging.

Before you choose your niche you have to be passionate about that skill.

Because you will feel that you are playing a game not blogging.

And never try to spam anyone but try to create value.


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