The Market of Selling Success is Horribly Failed

You may know lots of gurus who are telling you to be successful and selling you self-help Books – Courses that are empty of the hard work.

Selling success requires no data collection and other boring technical tasks.

And the worst part is we have created the market for those gurus and we invite them to sell us.

They tell us comforting lies and we love that.

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They sell their courses for thousands of dollars and on the other side Real expert are giving away everything FREE with a toast of reality.

That we hate.

We want to be in our comfort zone with tons of lies – and it’s okay.

However, the Good news is it’s broken and now and it’s going to be broken every day.

Because it’s no more the choice of real people and hard worker.

Let’s get into it and this guy has worked hard and let’s see what he has to say.

Either you agree with this guy or not – But I am – and my experience is that we all have gone through the same situation.

Rounding in the Self-help LOOP.

That never worked for anyone.



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