The Myth of Writing an Engaging Blog Post

One thing I will discuss before I give you some tips on blog writing.

1:) Audience

Before you write a piece of content you have to research your audience,

You should know what kind of content they are actually reading.

For this, you can use to find.

Also, you can spy on your competition or you can guest blog on your competition site.

If you do the hard work and find the right audience and the right content at the right time.

Then you won — the game of blogging.

Now come to the point — once you found your same tasters (Audience) then it’s not a matter to write beautiful colorful contents.

But it’s necessary you can add some design, research, example, case studies, analytics, etc.

For example

Seth Goddin — This man is a very popular marketing Expert but if you visit his blog you will find only words block or if you try to look for a photo you will only find his clean head in an egg design frame.

Image for post

But if you look at how the audience loves his words you will be amazed.

Because he knows well his tools and his audeinces.

This point Should be clear first.

2:) Writing

Try to write just like you are speaking and you are trying to convince someone.

  • Try to Write
  • Clean
  • Use images
  • Examples
  • case studies
  • Straight to the point
  • don’t beat around the bush
  • Avoid BLah blah
  • Read experts only

follow the 80/20 rule.

Keep working on your writing to improve day by day and it takes years not months.

Pablo Picasso spends 25 years to be an artist.

One day a man came and beg for some money so the Picasso draw a picture and left.

The man didn’t like the act of Picasso but somehow the man tried to sell the paint and found himself wealthy just in one day because of the skill of painting.

for which he spent many years.

Thanks — if you have any question FEEL free to Ask.

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