The Secret Way to Drive Traffic from Google to Your Blog Through Quora

Absolutely – You do not have to be an SEO expert – No, Waiting for achieving ranking factors.

It’s simple and I am going to show you step by step that how this technique works for everyone and even a beginner blogger can get massive traffic.

While researching for a company (freelance) blog I came across this technique.

So I quickly captured the photo on my phone and rushing here to share it with my fellow bloggers.

Let’s Begin.


Build a Succesful Blog

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Simple Keyword Research

Guess what is the first thing that depends on your blog’s success?

Every blogger journey start with his/her

  • Passion
  • Topic
  • Niche
  • Micro niche
  • etc


Whatever your blog topic is – the technique in this post will work for you.

Click to visit

As you land on the homepage

Start typing your blog niche popular keywords plus quora, for me, it’s blogging or writing.

how to drive traffic from google thoruogh

Look you get tons of work.

The keywords in the suggestions line tell you that these keywords are rich and people search for them.

So to shoot content for competitive keywords such as “blogging” which will travel in the dark.

Why not twist the strategy and get tons of traffic.

When you only search for blogging you will get highly competitive results.

But some niches are still running on low competition and the blogging niche is really high in the competition.

So when you add the words quora in your search – it means you have already cut half of the competition – just like a party cake.

Now click one of the results and follow Quora links to land you on that question.

When people search these keywords they will absolutely click on Quora results just like you.

And they will ignore the other results.

Once you landed on the Quora answers page. check out the

  • Answers
  • Views on answers
  • Length and quality of the first answers
  • Upvotes
  • etc

The next step for you is to write your best answers and rank number 1 in answers.

Never – forget to add tons of backlinks from your blog posts.

Once – you worked hard and your answers placed in the first position then you will get massive traffic just by implementing simple tricks.

Let’s analyze one of the answers.

The first answer in my case has 4.2k views and consists of only 573 words.

516 Quora users are already following the question. When you write an answer they will get a notification too.

how to drive traffic from google thruogh

The good news is that the 2nd answer has gotten 5.2k views.

If your answer somehow ranked 2nd position it means you are the winner in reality.

You don’t need position but views and traffic.



Once you complete one cycle then go back and repeat again. only 10 or 20 questions can get you huge traffic every day and you will never worry again about traffic.

If somehow you feel lack of traffic in the future just like Neil Patel you can repeat the strategy.

Also, if you stick to it and wrote only 100 answers – then you can imagine where will be your blog.



Add other strategies to it and mix it and get new results just keep playing with this kind of technique.

The more you go inside the more you will get good results.

The amazing part is new people daily go through this way and you will get new faces daily.



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