Top 10 Blog Posting Things Most Bloggers Don’t Know

I notice it again and again.

Most people start blogging by just pressing the “Add New Post” button, making or buying the contents, and pressing, “Publish” button.

Then they dispiritedly wait for page views, comments by visitors, likes, and tweets but all in vain. Not anyone Like or Tweet.

They wait for one or two months and end up blogging with a big waste of time and money.

There are the 10 most important blogging tips that most bloggers ignore or clearly do not know.


1. Keyword Research

Most bloggers are always asking about it that is why most blogging websites are full of content on this topic. There are two basic things to consider when researching keyword:

Google’s Keyword Tool – It is to find specific keywords assuring that they are most visited and have low competition.

  1. Google – It is to find real competition.

2. Adjusting the Headline

Here’s a great composition of adjusting the title of your post:

[#] [keyword][interest-charming phrase]

For the title tag, your purpose is to put the keyword as close to the staring of the title as probable:

  • Top 10 Great YouTube Clips for Entrepreneurs
  • 20 Best Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs
  • 20 Great Pricing Comparing Tables

In the above titles, “Best” and “Great” are the interest-charming phrases.


3. Post Slug

It is the text shown after the domain mane for every post.

Whenever you put your title, WordPress produces it by arranging every word of title replacing “-“ with “space”. This contains a lot of small words and sometimes it becomes very long if you are using a long title.

That’s why you should use minimum phrases along with the primary phrases.


4. Images

We all are familiar that images take your attention, crack up the article, and appendage your concepts. In addition, they also provide a lot of positive SEO things, only if you track these steps:

  1. Upload your pictures as [image title.png] prior to uploading them to your server.
  2. Include alt text.
  3. Give it the proper title as a title tag.


5. Relevant Videos

Google comprehends that including a video clip to your post makes it perfect and more resourceful. You will observe that the post with video will gain more visitors than the post without video.

If you take blogging as your main business then you should make your own clips to upload to your own server and place them in your posts.


6. Subheads

Like pictures, subheading breaks up the articles and makes it easier to read. It has also a very big SEO impact.

When a Google robot comes across your page, it hits the H1 and title tag. Then it hits the H2, H3, and H4 tags.


7. Interlinking

It is a very important aspect of internal SEO to interlink the post of your blog internally.

Prior to you publish a fresh post, go through it and find a few keywords to naturally create a backlink to applicable posts of the blog.

It will help to keep involved both Google spider and readers in your blog.


8. External Linking

Find some blogs accepting guest posts or exchange links with other blogs. It is an organic way to getting external backlinks and boost your SEO as well.


9. Meta Data

Meta keywords are still very important to search engines and there is a big debate about them on the web. In search results, it comes after the title and it must have at least 155 characters along with the main keywords because Google highlights them. It must have a simple sentence because readers come to it only once.


10. Call to Action

It means you should create your post for some reasonable motivation and after reading, the user must be able to do something important. They should be encouraged to post comments and share the post with others.


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