Top 5 Benefits Of a Successful Blog

Why you are blogging?

There must be a Big why?

Or you just enjoy the idea of blogging and trying to meet more interesting people around the world.

Or you just helping people and entertaining or serving your passion.

Whatever expectations you keep in your heart from your blogging journey.

But it should be clear and straight to the point.

Just like my blog – I help people to “Build a Successful Blog” and this is the first big title of my blog and book.

Also, I added another Phrase “Live a Laptop Lifestyle” to make everything clear for myself and for my readers.

So this is the first thing to be clear before you dive into the benefits of blogging.  


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#1: – Passion

Build a Succesful Blog - passion

Basically, Blog is a tool for your passion.

But nowadays the idea of blogging has gone so far.

However, If you look around you will still feel that there are some people who are enjoying the basics of blogging.

And they don’t care about the other juice of blogging to sip. There are only two major sides to the blogging coin.

  1. Personal
  2. Business

When you first start a blog you must go personal. Once you gain some benefits then you can try the idea of blogging for business. This way you can build a unique brand.

So, in short, you can serve your passion with the help of blogging, and later you can expand the idea in many directions.

Which we will discuss in the next few minutes.  


#2: – Writing

Build a Succesful Blog - writing practice

One of the best experiences I have noticed about the idea of blogging is writing.

This a real experience that takes no time and the best opportunity. Actually when you sit at your keyboard and start sharing your ideas or thoughts on a specific topic.

From the one end, you get things out of your mind and send them in the air to the other side of the world or to the whole world just in seconds.

And this is all possible through a good writing skill. If you are a beginner or you may have noticed at the start of your blogging journey.

You carefully choose words and sentences to make things easier for your readers.

This is exactly a little struggle to make your writing superior.

You subconsciously hold yourself responsible for your writing mistake.

And this little fear you feel in your heart makes things perfect. Every day you start your writing with these two central factors and these two factors keeps you on track.

So this only happens when you blog. And daily you sign in to your blogging editor and run the writing process with a little fear and struggle.

Which helps you move faster and perfect. If you make mistake your daily practice makes things perfect. Okay – the one end is clear from where you

  • Publish
  • Shine your writing
  • Experience little fear and struggle
  • Etc

So on the other end, your readers then hold you responsible for your thoughts and ideas.

They respond and appreciate your good thoughts with a bundle of thanks. If you still make a tiny mistake they tell you on the spot.

In short, both ends help you build a successful writing skill that you will need on your blogging journey.

It’s kinda a live cricket match which you play and your audience watch.  


#3: – Meet Same Tasters

You may have some best friends but they might not share the same interest.

In this case, you feel alone, and without blogging, it’s hard enough to find like-minded people.

That’s where blogging comes into play.

Nowadays Passionate people get gather from around the world on many different blogging platforms.

Among these platforms, wordpress is a popular choice. A recent report shows that 39.3 % of the web is powered by wordpress according to w3techs.

Build a Succesful Blog - wordpress statistics

So for serving your passion and enjoying the gathering and sharing your ideas.

You only need a few thousand people.

As Seth goddin says meet 10 people and then 10 and so on so forth.

When you meet them just don’t push your contents to them but also read them and appreciate their ideas and thoughts.

They are your passionate friends and a daily dose of inspiration.

This is also only possible through successful blogging.  


#4: – Build Career & Brand

Companies like

And the list goes on and thousand of companies are reaping the rewards of blogging.

If they can build huge brands and successfully educated people all around the world about their brands.

So then why not a professional and artists get benefits of blogging. On the flip side of the coin, it’s easy for a single person to build a successful brand and career through successful blogging. build-a-successful-blog-toss-coin  

In my book, I’ve written about how a job seeker can land a job and can build a career.

But here I am just pointing you to the opportunity. Just like the other big companies, you are your own company and you can be known as a unique brand specifically for your skills.

Everyone is unique and you can completely go in a different direction with the help of blogging. A journey of your career on the road of blogging is easy and faster.  


#5: – Income Opportunity



Ahhh, everyone’s favorite. But only a few people achieve this stage. Some have the passion to stay in the market without any expectations of money.

But some think that blogging is a real shortcut. But this is not true blogging is not an overnight success.

As Seth goddin says the real shortcut is the longest road and there is no shortcut according to him.

Build a Succesful Blog - seth goddin

If you want to generate a good income from your blogging efforts then read my previous post.

And stay for longer in the world of blogging.

Once you generated some quality content then you can promote related Affiliate links to your readers to support your blogging journey.

Also one thing I always stop my readers to never run third-party ads on your blog. I can’t name some of them here.

Why I am stopping my readers from so-called income.

Because it’s hurt all your struggle – a blogger always writes and tries to offer his best work in front of his readers.

And when you place ads of third parties – it will tease the reader and you have no idea what the ads platforms will show them when they are deeply reading.

It means never give your blog control to unknown hands. If you go through all the blogging struggle and then make a tiny mistake that will ruin your whole blogging journey.

However, you should stay away from these kinds of mistakes. A few cents will never make your life easier but it can ruin your blog readership.

The best opportunity here is Affiliate marketing until you don’t write your own book or release any other digital or physical product.

In my book, I’ve written a guide to succeed in Affiliate marketing. Also, you should focus more on your own assets to promote on your blog.

If you are an expert of any good skill and can deliver a specific work with quality and in the given time then you must design a hire me page.

Write an attractive call to action on that page. Also, add some testimonials on the page to increase the conversion rate.

This way you can attract a recruiter and can land a permanent job in a company. If they liked your work.  


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I may have not mentioned all the benefits of Successful blogging but I have pointed you to the major opportunities.

I think there must be other opportunities available through successful blogging. However,

if you want to reap all the rewards from your blog then stay for longer. Focus on generating original content.


If you know some other benefits – let me know in the comments section.


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