Top 5 Themes for WordPress.Com Blogs

Everyone is talking about many things.

Sometimes contents and sometimes problems.


We got a blog we just don’t need only random information.

Which we write by investing our time and energy.

But we also want our blog to look as beautiful as possible.

So let me list the best themes for your blog.


#1: – Shordtich

shorditch theme wordpressMy favorite theme which I am using for many years.

The best thing about this theme is that you can customize it in many ways.

Many color schemes and fonts.

Look at my blog in desktop mode and you will feel that this a really big company site.

Simple and short the visitors feel comfortable.

No pops up or call to action to tease the readers.

This theme is a super theme have a look at the demo and customization.

If you have published your blog and tired of looking for a theme then I am an expert and I am advising you to use Shoreditch.

You can make it as simple as possible.

But if you are a colors fan then it also helps you to design your blog in many colors.

Also, many popular fonts are available to choose from.

You can design your own button for a call to action.

If you look at my homepage you will get the idea.


#2: – ShawBurn

This theme is a real touch of the best design.

ShawBurn attracts a lot of new wordpress users.

And many visitors are using this theme for years.

So it’s attractive and clean.

I have used this theme many years ago and I liked it so much.

So my 2nd recommendation is ShawBurn.

Check the demo etc and then apply.


#3: – May Wood

maywood wordpress theme

May wood is another player in the market of,

It is a simple and gorgeous theme.

Looks like shawburn but the beauty of the theme lies in the high quality and large images.

if you love big images on your blog for designing then may wood is your friend.


#4: – Rivington

Rivington wordpress theme

This theme can be used for personal and company needs.

if you look at the theme you will notice that it has many areas to showcase little and stories about you or your company.

Also – it has some features which show the details.

This is also helpful to impress your readers by showing them some work done numbers.


#5: – Karuna – Last but Not the Least

I have used this theme for many months and it is a simple theme where words shine.

Also, it has the ability to create a gallery of many photos on the front page.

karuna theme gallery

Testimonials and other great features are available to help you stand out your site.



Since the days of touchpad color mobile phones, I am a fan of beautiful themes.

So designing come first.

For becoming a successful blogger you don’t have to be keyboard savvy and black & white but also a touch of design will shine your writing.


Any questions feel free to ask.

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