Top Social Marketing Tools That Can Boost Your Blog Traffic

Content Marketing is a daily basis activity for any digital marketer. The daily creates a lot of Content to market the business, but there is not enough time to publish or promote it. To solve this problem, they always rely on content marketing tools. Through these tools, they can save time on the promotion of content that they created and can more focus to create new content with new ideas.


The strategy to promote a business will be different with every marketer, but social media is a common platform where every marketer wants to promote their business. Social Media is the best platform to push your content to your targeted traffic.


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To manage promotional activity on social media, I am going to list some famous and very useful Social Management Tools. Using these tools you will organize your online presence activities on one dashboard. You can analyze the performance of your promotions as well as you can share it with several social accounts.


1) TweetDeck
This is the most effective tool for Twitter. In TweetDeck, marketers can create custom timelines as well as monitor lists, searches, and much more. We can manage multiple accounts from one dashboard and the best thing is it’s a FREE Social Media Tool.


2) Sprinklr
Lots of well-known companies using sprinkler to build relations with customers, plan & publish content, monitor engagement of users, create social ads and social analytics reports.


3) Hootsuite
A tool to manage social media networks, schedule your message, engage with your audience, measure your Return on Investment (ROI) in a single panel. They are offering a 30 days free trial for Pro Version. The Pro Version starts at $8.99 per month.


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4) Buffer
Busy and want to schedule your posts like images, videos on Facebook, Twitter,  and LinkedIn – Buffer is the best tool to schedule your post. The tool will shoot your post at the time you schedule, so you can engage with your audience at right time and will drive traffic for your site. User can analyse the performance of the post via analytics report. Try Once!!!


Free analytics for social media which facilitate user to find tweet by time and place. Users can set alerts for a particular trend and analyze tweets related to that trend.


6) Traackr
Traackr is a tool for modern marketers to build an effective relationship with the top influencer around the globe. Marketers can measure the impact of influencers on the business.


7) Sprout Social
A powerful social media software tool to engage and manage the business with new customers. User can maximize their social media presence with the Tool. They are offering plans like Delux – $59 per user/month, Premium – $99 per user/month, Team – $500 per month, 3 users. All plans contain a FREE 30-day Trial.


8) SocialBro
Discover your industry niche users, research the latest trend, and publish your tweet on the best time to get more visitors via SocialBro Tool. Marketers can also monitor their tweet performance.
Find your industry’s trend and explore it, follow industry niche users, and target them to market your content with the help of SocialBro Social Marketing & Monitoring Tool.


9) Viralheat
Viralheat will help you to track the conversion around your brand and use it to represent brand awareness, identify leads for your social campaign, and measure ROI. Users can simply share content on Facebook. Twitter, Linkedin, and Tumblr by a Single Click.


10) Spredfast
Engagement of the audience is a very crucial task for any marketer. Spredfast will provide an opportunity to convert this challenging task into an easy task. Through this tool, Users can plan to produce relevant content, share it with the right audiences for engagement, and leave an impact on their brand.


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11) Meltwater Buzz
If you like to promote your brand and want to generate revenue from it, Meltwater is the best tool. It provides a chance to create relationships with your customer via a social media campaign, along with social media monitoring and efficient social media engagement.


12) Marketwired Resonate
To connect with your industry niche marketplace, Marketwired Resonate is a great tool for any marketer. Users can hook up with the industry via social media.


13) Getstacker
Getstacker allows you to get all messages of your all social media accounts at one dashboard. Users can read and reply to that message from a single dashboard. Also offers services like auto-scheduling and insight reports.


14) Bottlenose
Select your industry and get an automated trend alert to get maximum reward with minimum time and effort. Users will get alerts about breaking news on selected topics by choosing advanced topic discovery and Natural Language Processing.


If you are searching for detailed contact profiles of bloggers, CISIONPOINT is the Best Tool for it. They also share your content socially as well as traditionally. After broadcasting your stories, they allow us to major the performance of the stories.


I hope these social media marketing tools will help you to make your content more viral. If you like the post, share it with your social media network and would you like to suggest anything on this topic, please comment below.


How I Achieved 99% Productivity Level with Writing App?

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