Turning Blog into Income Stream

Do you basically blog to earn? then you are on the right track but missing some points of this great idea of blogging.

As you know blogging is a tool for your passion and you got some skills to serve others and teach them how to do something that they are not good at it.

So it becomes a lifetime small business in the beginning and later you can expand it to multiple income streams.

But after really helping your audiences and getting positive responses from them then they start to trust you.

And they want your recommendation before they take a decision according to your blog niche.

So How you can earn that trust and positive responses?

The first thing is to solve some little or big problems and when it comes to blogging it’s all about mining data in the form of text – visuals – Charts – reports – books – etc.

Believe me, it’s the hard part and you have to go through to earn that trust.

Once you got tons of content on your blog and you started to see people are engaging then you got a chance to turn your blog into an income stream.

The first step is to start with affiliate marketing – and in this case, the Amazon affiliate program is your friend.

Don’t chase higher commission products – just recommend some of the products that you really use and have experience with.

It can be a book and other tools that you daily use – Learn in-depth about affiliate marketing in my books and blog.


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