Using The Power of Curiosity in Blogging

I bet – What’s the first book you know about marketing curiosity?

It’s absolutely is The Psychology of Persuasion.

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In this book, the author has described curiosity from many angles. Especially the idea of curiosity is not only limited to marketing but as you know we bloggers use it on daily basis.

And the best example I’ve mentioned in my some posts is –

When you see someone who is having pain in hand and you are having that pain in your hands too. 

you both will be more attractive to each other than the person who is sitting next to you both but having pain in his/her legs.

This is simple and your content should create curiosity in the

  • Headline
  • Photo
  • Paragraphs

Your content should be full of curiosity and solutions to specific problems.

Either you are running a small business or large corporation but the curiosity is there to help you.

Blogging becomes interesting when you find people who enjoy the same idea you are blogging about.

The best part of curiosity can be played by your blog post headlines.

You can ask questions and can mention something that people want to know and stay curious about.

The best examples you can find in magazines.

It’s worth it to learn curiosity in depth.

Also, don’t forget to create curiosity in your blog intro.



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