Wan to Become High Paid SEO Writer?

The article is about how to make money online through SEO-optimized content writing.

As you know these days freelancing has become a very popular way to make money online, and most of them try to earn money through article writing but they don’t get enough money from it even their articles got rejected most of the time and The main reason why most article writers online don’t earn a lot of money, and only make around $2, $3, or $5 per article, maybe even $10 on a good day, is simply because they don’t go where the money is.

For example, XYZ was a news reporter, and when ABCD, the infamous bank robber, was finally caught by the police, XYZ asked him why he robbed banks. ABCD replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” If you want to make money writing articles, go where the money is!

Who has the money?

It is NOT the average webmaster. He or she is trying to attain wealth, and they are often doing so by hiring writers as cheaply as possible to build up their content repertoire. When, or if, they do become wealthy, they will no longer need article writers, so webmasters are not where the money is.


It is NOT the average content crowd!!

There are dozens of them online, nearly all offering work at low prices. They may be a regular source of work, and that’s fine, but the typical online content crowd will never pay decent rates for articles and copy, and you will never become wealthy writing for them.


OK, so where is the money at?

Ordinary or advanced businesses! Like a jeweler, restaurant, travel company, beauty product seller, Construction Company, etc., all need to acquire new leads on a daily basis and have money to spend on basic marketing and promotion. All you have to do is persuade them that your content can draw in solid leads, and ultimately increase their profits.


Build a Succesful Blog

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Some businesses are easier to approach than others, for they already know the value of good online content. Web design companies and SEO companies fall into this category.

These companies have clients with web content needs and deep pockets who are willing to pay whatever it takes.

Web design firms, SEO companies, and advertising agencies will regularly contract SEO content writers, and they will pay sensible rates – typically starting at $25 for an article of 500 words.

In fact, rates of $35 to $100 – and up – per article are fairly common once you become established, and become established is a quick process when you do it right.

This article is not about how to write an article, though I do touch on it. It assumes that you can already do that and that your writing is already at a good standard. It assumes that you are already familiar with basic punctuation and grammar rules.

It assumes that you don’t write silly things like, “would of” instead of “would have.” It assumes that you don’t write “loose,” (not fitting tightly) when you actually mean “lose,” (to misplace, fail to win, or be deprived of) and it assumes that you don’t split infinitives.

OK, maybe not the split infinite thing. To only write perfect English without ever splitting an infinitive can get boring, so ignore that bit.

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