What does it Take to be a Successful Blogger? – Except Writing

For now, keep your writing skills aside – I have done a lot of work on writing and blogging.

But in this post, I will touch on some of the other key skills that you really need to achieve your final goal in blogging.

Either you’re a passionate blogger or want to earn through successful blogging.

No matter – what is your final goal but somehow it will end on the money.

Am I right? if “Yes” then Let’s Begin.



A force of passionate people who will love your work and share. and will leave no stone unturned to promote you and your hard work.

Building a passionate tribe around your blog will take you some time.

Once you built it then you are free to never worry about the traffic.

The power of community is more than that and it’s beyond our thinking.

How to be a succesful blogger



I am really not going to bother you with the marketing techniques but at least you should have an idea of how people buy.

And what it takes to build trust to not just sell something to them but to make their lives better.

A solution to a problem works best.

If you know that your tribe is going through some problem and you struggle to solve that problem then you are their star.

But if you just bombard the feeds with tons of spamming ads then there is no one to buy from you.

If they do buy something – they know the way better than you.

If you are really interested to learn marketing and the right ways then stick to Seth’s godin crafts.

Build a Succesful Blog - seth goddin

For Years I meant it For Years I read every piece of content he publishes and books. and I still have an audiobook on my phone called “Practice“.

Seth goddin is a real marketing Guru. He doesn’t tell you to set back and relax and you will earn money.

But he shows you the real and different ideas that he calls Purple Cow.

So I only recommend Seth godding Crafts to read and don’t wait for the next moment just take action NOW.



A blogger’s second name must be tech-savvy. you have to make the smooth flow of your work.

You have to go through all the technical tasks.

If somehow you got a problem you don’t have to wait for IT Support (like me) to come and solve your problem.

Technical skills must be in your pocket all the time.

Never forget to stay in touch with technology trends may be a tool you need just released by a company.

Like me, I am a fan of Chrome Book.

  • Low Price
  • High Performance
  • Long Battery
  • Only Chrome Browser

You don’t have to go out and with your charger.



There are lots of skills that a blogger needs.

Keep in mind – Learn skills and other things step by step – While maintaining the smooth flow of your blog.

Work hard to schedule your posts and once you assured that you have enough posts in the queue then you can move to a new thing to learn or implement.


You don’t have to install heavy software on your computer to design something for your blog. It’s easy with canva.com and pablo.buffer.com.


Stick to social media Scheduling and it works best to get tons of traffic from right there.



In the beginning, everyone works hard and later they start to see some smart pattern in their work.

So work hard until you don’t see the smart patterns in your work.


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