What would be a good guest post site?Think Like a Blogger

There are hundreds of site on the web which accept guest bloggers posts but your question is, which is the best site.

According to your question, it depends on your

  • Niche
  • Demographics
  • Audeinces
  • and of course on your goals

In return for your guest post what you want from a specific site?

Either you want to double your email list or you just want to spread the words of your personal brand or company.

1st Be specific on your goals in the guest blogging.

Next, do your best and research.

For example:

You asked someone about guest blogging sites and he/she told you about some popular sites like


Entrepreneur . com



And you rushed to that sites and wrote 100 posts on that sites without considering

your main goals.

And at the ends, you got only a few visitors to your site and then they left after a few seconds.

So what got from hundreds of posts. Nothing.

That’s how you will end up and you will think that guest blogging never worked for me.

Before you write a single word in a guest post.

You must have designed a funnel for the visitor which you will get to your site from other guest sites.

When they land on your site the first thing is to tell them your brand story and then tell them about your offer.

#2: Practice Before the guest Blogging

This is my 9th year in the blogging world but to date, I didn’t write a single post for other sites.

but I do write on quora and medium Why ? –

Because there are passionate people who ask you directly their problems and here are more chances to spread your brand and connect with the same tasters.

And on other sites, you can’t aim for more results.

Last thing

My niche is blogging if ever I want to guest blog I will not try to go and publish on big site but I will choose a small passionate site where fewer people but more passion for the work.

And they will appreciate my little work a lot.

Do your research and find a site that will get more results with little effort.

If you have any further questions please ask and share.

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