When to Start Visual Blogging? If you have Few Blog Posts

It’s Not the Right Time For you to flip the coin on another side.


Because if you have fewer blog posts.

first, narrow down your niche and then write long-form blog posts around your targetted keywords from many angles.

Once you are sure that you have covered up your niche then start short-forms blog posts and keep helping people on quora.

Write on medium and prepare yourself for guest blogging.

Once you achieve your goals with written content then jump into visuals (Youtube Channel).

So by doing this you can secure your success rate by 80 – 90 %.

Here is another thing that I do not want to skip.

If you love creating videos and feel good instead of writing then leave the blog on its own and plan for the channel.

But it’s your beginning you may stick to one thing and do not overwhelm yourself with many things.

Always keep red-eye on your success rate.


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