Which Social Accounts Should you Use for your Blog? Personal Or Others

It depends on the brand you are building or promoting.

If you are building a personal brand then it’s okay — but if you are promoting a company or a product then use a separate account for that.

Blogging is the same idea just like a Twitter account – If you want to share personal life stories and meet new people then there must be a face behind an account.

As you know the logo or something other will look so bad.

Also, you can still make money with your personal brand blog.

On the flip side if you are working in a company and you are responsible to promote content then never use your personal accounts in company matters.

Even if you promote a single specific product for a company.

And in the example of personal blogging, you can share about everything and can promote everything.

There is no limit to a personal blog.

But on a niche blog, you should not cross the limit to go broad.

So use your personal social account for your personal blogs.


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