Which Websites are the Best for Creating Blogs that Produce Revenue?

In this case, you have one choice (wordpress) but two options.

Option #1, WordPress has two sides just like a coin.

When it comes to generating a serious income from blogging then you have to do the hard work which is WordPress dot org, (Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS (Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS) ).

You have to get your own domain *(https:// forexample.com*) and host it with a trusted hosting sites such as Bluehost dot com The Best Web Hosting (The Best Web Hosting)

And then from the control panel of your website install word press CMS software also some useful plugins.

After settings up your site then you have to spend time and design it with a good-looking theme some are paid and some are free, in the free option you can move to the paid version.

But in the beginning, it is best to use a free theme.

Before you start writing you need to design your homepage and tell your story and some other info about your personal brand or about your products.

it should be simple and short later you can provide more details. For example, check out my blog home page and some other sites such as (Neil Patel ) Etc.

Now you are ready to start writing with option #1.

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Another side of WordPress is free, WordPress.com: Create a free website or blog.

with WordPress dot com you can publish and can start writing your first post just in five minutes.

Simple and easy to setup.



Now, let’s shed some light on the second part of your question.

The way you have asked about earning from blogs is a good point for me that you know very little about blogging.

let me tell you some basic crazy concept about blogging.

Producing revenue from blogs do NOT depend on blogs, But the truth here is, it depends on YOU.

Before we dig deeper let’s talk about what is a blog?

lIt’s a simple online **TOOL** in business, in a brand, of products.

A blog requires you to be an expert on the topic which you are going to write about.

If you are a health fitness trainer and an expert in this niche for many years, people around you know- you- well and ask a question about fitness.

Now you can guess how successful will be your blog if you publish it.

Now on the dark side,- if you are not a well-known fitness trainer or you do not have any other skill, you can still guess how much time your new blog will take to make some dollars.


#4: – 3 ways to earn from a BLOG.

Once you got everything on track then you can choose a way to earn from your blog.

#1: Selling own products, courses, books, etc

Once you got some audiences in the desired niche and became familiar with the industry.

Now you have a good opportunity to create your own course or write a book, or any other kind of product.

Many of the top bloggers sell their own courses and it’s a lot of work to do.

#2 Affiliate products

You can sell other people’s products on commission base on your own blog, By simply promoting their related products to your audiences.

once someone bought through your recommendation (recommended link) you got a commission, it could be 50 %, 40%,0r 10% depends on the owners of products.

Affiliate marketing is one of the popular ways a lot of bloggers do to earn.

Some bloggers are just interested in earning some extra cash but many bloggers just like Pat Flynn are earning thousands of dollars each month here is his recode from the last month.


#3 AdSense

Popular among new bloggers who just want to earn some little extra cash.

But this way can’t serve as a full-time blogger.

AdSense is a Google ad company, they give you some ad code to put on your blog, if someone clicks on that ad while visiting your blog, you will be paid for that click,

Some ads are good to earn higher commission some are low, Depends on the company.



Before you publish a blog, clear yourself about

What is your ultimate goal from blogging?

What is your big why? Which will push you through your blogging journey?

The most important thing to not forget is to blog about what’s you love because you will never feel tired of it, it feels like you are playing a game.

For example, if you love cooking and do not know about it, there are a lot of bloggers to learn from them.

But it’s worth it to learn and teach what’s you love.

Live a Laptop Lifestyle! (Zada)

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