Why Practicing SEO is Important For Your Blog?

No matter – How small or Big is Your Blog.

Google shows respect to it and gives the opportunity to help you rank.

Guess – what is the hard part of blogging?

Of course, it’s crafting the contents.

When a blogger does his best and spends hours writing awesome pieces of content.

Then why not put a little more effort and sip more juice of it.

That’s exactly what we will talk about in this post.

So let’s begin.


1: – Long-Tail Keywords

how to be a successful blogger

Have you ever looked into your data through the Google search console that how your blog communicates with Google?

I guess – Maybe – If not you can Set up everything here right away.

For me, I have verified my blog many years ago but the mistake I was making to not look inside and get my blog on track.

Now everything is going fine with search engines.

I am ranking for longtail keywords without targeting them.

The one thing I found – Now their algorithm works best and bloggers who generate quality content are on their priority list.

It’s seems everything is going natural.

Even my very small (260 words ) post has ranked on the first page from medium.com.

expert bloggers

On medium.com I don’t bother myself to practice SEO.

So it means if you put a little more effort and concentrate on SEO we can get double traffic with little effort.

Here’s How I ranked for 27 long-tail keywords just in 7 days for this blog.

How to do SEO for my wordpress.com subdomain blog

The more you rank for long-tail keywords the more you will see traffic to your blog from search engines.

Sooner or later you will hit the first page with some popular keywords that people search from all around the world.

That’s why you must try practicing SEO.


Build a Succesful Blog - banner



Either you are a full-time blogger or an author. you need reputation online especially in the eye of search engines.

When someone Googles your name what you want to see them.

If they google and find nothing under your name then it means your blogging efforts are just a waste of time.

But it’s not the real point.

When you blog Google considers you as an author and as you know people show respect to authors and that’s what Google does and other search engines too.

So Practicing SEO earns you that reputation.

in the recent updates of Google, they have indicated – that ranking factors also depend on the author’s reputation online.

The step for you is to Google your name and see what SEO thinks about you.


3: – Personal Brands

Many of the bloggers have built their personal brands and getting good results.

The amazing thing is that don’t really have worked hard for that and that’s all happens because of practicing SEO.

To build a personal brand just in few days with the help of practicing SEO.

Follow these quick steps.

Describe yourself just in a few Sentences – Just to tell others

  • Who you are?
  • What you do?
  • What is your Final goal?
  • Etc

Paste your personal brand paragraphs in your blog description.

To add more exposure visit your social profiles one by one and paste that sentences there too under your full name.

Also, Write a good about page on your blog and add all your social profiles to it.

When you mix SEO it will payback.



While Blogging and crafting the contents practice SEO too to generate more good results.

If there is a strong authority behind your words then you can build dozens of successful blogs and can help others to do the same.

Keeps on updating your blog – social profiles –  daily, weekly, monthly.


If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Ps. Do not forget to share with friends.



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