Why You Do Not Need Blogger Out Reach Tools In Your Blogging Journey

I really do not use these tools — and in my point of view, it’s just a waste of time.

some bloggers use these kinds of tools — but as far as I know, expert bloggers usually do not recommend.

if some of them recommend but these tools are not essential in the blogging journey.

it can be a choice to use or not.

but personally I do not use it.

Another thing here I will mention as an example –

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Seth Goddin — This man is an expert marketer he has a blog and a few 1 or 2 years ago he was using domain — typepad . com –

I mean a sub-domain site.

neither this man use outreach tools or other complex plugins.

I doubt that Seth goddin does not use analytics.

Whatever — — long story short — — He is simply Blogging — and write 200 or 300 words blog post daily without adding a photo.

But people including me wait for his post daily.


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