WordPress Vs Blogger

Blogspot is ruling the world with their free blog hosting service, at the same time wordpress is ruling bloggers’ world with their free open source blog script.

Blogspot/blogger or wordpress both are quite good but there is some difference … If you want to start a new blog and if you are not sure which is the best for your startup, you can check below for the difference between blogger/Blogspot and wordpress.


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What is a blogger or Blogspot?

Blogger is google’s free blog hosting service. They provide free blogs with the subdomain of blogspot.com. It’s very popular in the world, so many free bloggers using this service and we can add google AdSense advertisements to our free blogs to earn some nice revenue from our free blogs. Your blogging tips.co.in also started in Blogspot at first. Later we moved to our own hosted wordpress.


What is wordpress?

WordPress is the free open-source blogging software, which provides a wide range of freedom and thousands of free tools to customize our blog. They started wordpress.com, a free blog hosting service, same like blogger.com to create free blogs.


Difference between blogger/Blogspot and wordpress :

Freedom :

YES, It’s a matter of freedom. WordPress is best in this matter without any doubt, As we can have our own hosted blog in our own hosting/server. We can have a chance to edit any piece of code and theme. There are thousands of free themes available in the web world for wordpress. In the wordpress.org plugins area, we can search and use the few best plugins for our own hosted wordpress free of cost. But in blogger, we can’t get 100% freedom.


Themes :

The first impression is the best impression. WordPress has thousands of free and premium themes we can use in our blogs. Blogger has limited themes and blogger didn’t have any special themes and plugins support area like wordpress. I’m sure, we can make our blog look extraordinary in wordpress than blogger. We can edit themes, CSS, and insert any code and we can customize them a lot.


New post and posting experience :

Both are very good at posting experience. We can post with ease, feature-rich, and perfect for beginners to professionals.


Professionalism :

In this aspect, wordpress surely wins. Blogging in wordpress own hosted blog looks more professional and serious than a free hosted Blogspot subdomain blog.


Cost :

If you don’t want to effort domain cost and few bucks for hosting per year, blogger or Blogspot is the best choice and if you want to use a free blog hosting service powered by wordpress, you can use wordpress.com free blogs also.


Plugins :

WordPress is the clear winner.  wordpress plugins are the best source for free plugins. There are 9000+ free plugins to use and customize our blog. There are some serious plugins, which can make our blog extremely brilliant, beautiful, and awesome in terms of SEO and functionality.



I read somewhere, google index Blogspot blogs fast.  WordPress also best for SEO purposes. sometimes our blogging tips index in less than 20 minutes after we post a new article. WordPress offering few great tools for SEO in wordpress. With those powerful SEO Plugins, we can make our wordpress blog google’s friend.


Import :

In blogger, we can import from another blogger powered blog only, but in WordPress, we can import from Blogger, Yahoo! 360, Type·Pad, MovabIe·Type, New: Posterous email blogs, Vox.com, Live·JournaI or another WordPress blog.


Navigation :

Categories called labels in blogger and wordpress have so many best navigation choices to insert in our blog. We can get so many free plugins to display random articles, recent articles, popular and featured articles in wordpress to display for better navigation.


We’ve compared in few important aspects and now the choice is yours. Finally, Blogspot is just for a start and If you are growing well or If you want to make some serious income from your blog, the best choice is damn sure wordpress.


Build a Succesful Blog

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