Words of Mouth Marketing Advocacy to Fit in Blogging Strategies

It is every marketer’s goal is to convert their marketing encounters with their target customers into sales. It can be a frustrating experience when this goal is not achieved and worse if prospective customers do not seem to respond in a manner that promises sales. Outlined hereafter are some tips that can help foster sales when engaging in the word of the mouth Marketing process.

Why Brand Advocacy Matters


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Acceptable of Word of Mouth Marketing & Brand Advocacy


1) Pay attention to what your customers are saying. Customers are your most valuable assets so taking note of what they have to say about your product is a priceless investment in your business. Make sure that you put in place avenues that allow this information to get to you for instance put up blog posts, feedback, and comments boxes, open an account on social websites, and politely request their opinion and ideas on how to make your product better for them.

2) Steadily monitor and analyze your advocates. Advocates are your high-rating customers. Frequently post poll questions on your website, social website profiles, and other media that you use to gather feedback and take note of the percentage that ranks your product highly. Use these stats when presenting your product to clients.

3) Be mindful of what’s important to your customers. Make sure that you know what is important to your customers and customize your product to meet this need. This consideration will make your product sell out like hot cake. Carry out campaigns to fetch what is relevant to your customers.

4) Create a meeting platform for your advocates. Setting up a platform where your high-rating customers can engage and discuss is a meaningful way to improve your product. They can carry out test experiments on your product and provide helpful feedback as well as suggest ways of improving your product. You can post this feedback on your website and social site profile as testimonies from your customers.

5) Deploy avenues that make it hassle-free to recommend your product. Make it easy for your advocates to spread the word about your product to the largest audience possible. Set up blog posts and review forums, encourage them to drop comments on your social site page and raise offers once in a while to encourage others to try your product. You can also motivate your advocates by giving subsidized offers for your products for a limited time.


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Un-acceptable of Word of Mouth Marketing & Brand Advocacy


1) Do not offer special packages to your “followers”.  If you cannot offer the same package to all your customers, it’s advisable not to offer it. Do not let your brand product be associated with that kind of reputation. It will reflect negatively on your brand. Encourage a genuine customer audience as much as it’s within your ability to.

2) Do not offer monetary incentives for customers to well rate your product. When a campaign with this strategy is known, other customers will not trust the quality of what you are offering. People tend to believe whatever is genuine should not be enticed with money. Paying for a good recommendation insinuates gimmickry.  Instead, you attract “bad” customers and will need to keep enticing them to stay with more finances.

3) Do not leave your advocates unengaged.  Failing to follow up and keeping in step with your advocates leaves them vulnerable to your competitors. They could share information about your products with your competitor and participate in campaigns that are anti your product. Stay close to your advocates and allow them to express their opinion and take whatever they recommend very seriously.

4) Do not try and match with everyone. Just because it’s popular doesn’t guarantee that it will work for you. Take time and evaluate what it is that you want to achieve, research on the best-suited methods, and employ those ones. Sameness does not guarantee the same results.

5) If you are failing, you better fail fast. Every business adventure will experience failure but failure only means that you have another opportunity to do better. Do not fear failure. Gather the lessons taught and implement the solutions as soon as you can so that if it doesn’t work, implement the next solution in line. Won’t take long before you implement the right one.


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