How to Structure a Blog Post: The Junky Technique of Writing

When it comes to writing a blog post, many people struggle with finding the right structure and flow. However, there is a technique that can help you overcome this challenge – the Junky Technique of Writing. This technique allows you to collect all the junk of your mind about a specific topic, sort out the outline, write the first draft without editing, and then edit without mercy. In this blog post, we will guide you through the steps of using the Junky Technique to structure your blog post effectively.

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Step 1: Collect all the junk of your mind about a specific topic

The first step of the Junky Technique is to gather all your thoughts and ideas about the topic you want to write about. This includes jotting down any random ideas, facts, or anecdotes that come to your mind. Don’t worry about organizing or filtering them at this stage – just let your creativity flow.

Step 2: Sort out the outline from the junk

Once you have collected all the junk of your mind, it’s time to sort out the outline. Go through your notes and identify the main points or arguments that you want to cover in your blog post. Arrange them in a logical order to create a coherent structure for your post.

Step 3: Write the first draft without editing

Now that you have your outline, it’s time to start writing the first draft of your blog post. The key here is to write without editing or censoring yourself. Let your ideas flow freely and don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or sentence structure. The goal is to get all your thoughts on paper.

Step 4: Edit without mercy

Once you have completed the first draft, it’s time to put on your editor’s hat. Read through your post and start editing without mercy. Look for any inconsistencies, repetition, or unnecessary information. Cut out anything that doesn’t add value to your post and refine your sentences to make them clear and concise.

Practice this technique as much as possible to improve your writing skills. The more you use the Junky Technique, the better you will become at structuring your blog posts effectively. Remember, there is no need to struggle with other techniques when you can master this one.


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