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Top 10 Tips To Stay Healthy When Blogging

Bloggers and other remote workers are always seen in the front of the screen.

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They have a lot to do on the left and on the right.

And possibly it becomes easy to forget about our own health.

And stay down in the burden of hard work. So in this post,

I will shed light on some quick tips that will help you stay healthy and motivated.  


1: – Fixed Hour Work

No matter what but you have to stick to your working hours. when you know your working hours you will be more productive and will perform better at the ins and outs of blogging.

Most people recommend early morning hours.

If you are a full-time blogger and works 5 hours daily then you must set your working hours early in the morning hours and stay active until you don’t finish your work. 


2: – Break

During the hard-working hours, you must take short breaks after 50 minutes or 1 hour. Lots of bloggers use the Pomodoro technique which I have written in my book with good details




3: – Long Breaks

After several days of working hard give yourself a day off or two.

So you can gain more energy and more motivation to come up with good ideas.  


4: –  Avoid Setting for longer

When you set stay conscious and don’t let yourself sit for hours. if you ignore and sit for longer hours you will start feeling pain in the

  • Back
  • Arms
  • Neck
  • legs

so don’t sit for longer.  


5: – Walk a lot

Whenever you get time chill out and walk at the same time socialize too, meet as many as people possible.

Because bloggers always stay in front of the screen and working alone feel them loneliness.

If you ignore you will start anti-social behaviors.  


6: – Set Properly

When you do sit – Sit properly. keep your shoulders in balance and feet on the roof. And keep you back straight. Don’t lean at the screen.  


7: – Glasses

Use normal glasses to avoid screen light on your eyes. if you use the screen for long hours without glasses you will start feeling headache -burning eyes  – etc.

There is no scientific evidence that screens can do any damage to eyesight. Be sure to follow precautions.  


8: – Exercise

Before you actually start your work – exercise and warm-up yourself to complete blogging challenges.

If you don’t get time to exercise learn some technique that will help you to exercise on your desk or in your short breaks.

If possible run in the early morning.


9: – Sleep

My favorite – there are tons of information that can make you wonder about sleeping but here I will not dig deeper.

Sleep early and get up early – early hours are the best to do your complex hours.  


10: – Inspire Others

Even a quick small quote can do the job. Design a quick quote with and share it on your social profiles. When you inspire others you will stay inspired.



Don’t dig deeper into these tips but just implement and stay healthy. Health comes first when it comes to blogging or any other technology-related work. 



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