Get the Things Done – But Something …….

Scary — isn’t it ?- off course.

When unlimited motivation and problems are hanging around and you still feel like you gotta no hands.

What feels like?

No idea.

But just waste of time and feels like there is still something in the nose and the finger never get out of it.

And in the same moment Seth Goddin hit your inbox with a full dounting short post.

And you say ah again.

The Time passes and you never get it ” what’s holding me back.

What is the one thing that must be done.

This small one thing get you to another one big goal that is bigger and for sure bigger.

Bigger like – you can’t see anything through it.

So that is the only one thing that is something — about it — you always think with a finger in nose but you are totally lazy to even acknowledge.

There is always something small and Big holding us back.

So you gotta two options to do or be stuck in the comfort Zone and see nothing and listen nothing.

The choice is your and don’t forget the life is also your.

Am I right ? Or completely shooting in Dark.

Let me know and I’ll love to kick the curiosity.



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