The Top 7 Problems Beginner Bloggers Face (And How to Overcome Them)

Starting a blog can be an exciting journey, but for beginners, it can also be overwhelming.

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From hosting and domain knowledge to writing and SEO, there are several challenges that new bloggers often face.

In this article, we will discuss the top 7 problems that beginner bloggers encounter and provide super solutions to help them overcome these obstacles and succeed in the game of blogging.

But wait – let me pass you the funny story of beginners bloggers.

The Rollercoaster Ride of Beginner Bloggers: From Excitement to Disappointment


Blogging problems

Before we dive into the common problems faced by beginner bloggers, let’s take a moment to understand the behavior of these aspiring writers.

It’s quite fascinating how they approach blogging with such enthusiasm, only to disappear into thin air shortly after.

So, what’s the story behind this phenomenon?

In today’s digital world, we all have smartphones and easy access to the internet.

We spend endless hours surfing through various social media sites, watching videos, and more. And then, out of nowhere, a video or post appears in our feed with a title that says,

How I Made a Million in 30 Days by Blogging.’

Can you guess what happens next? It’s like having a slice of lemon when you’re already salivating.

Without delving into the details, users quickly turn to Google for answers.

The problem is, most of them have no idea how to effectively search for the information they need.

They end up using long-tail keywords that even an SEO expert wouldn’t understand.

It’s completely out of the rulebook!

Now, let’s talk about Google. Despite its advanced AI technology, even Google gets confused at times.

It somehow manages to show them results from Quora, which may be related but not exactly what they were looking for.

As they click on the Quora link, they are greeted with a message saying, ‘Still looking for answers about Einstein’s query?’

And what do these users do? They say, ‘Yes, Quora, do what you know best – ask an expert.’

Unfortunately for me, they stumble upon my profile and ask me senseless questions.

So, here I  changed the title of my profile to reflect the absurdity of these inquiries.

Now looks like this


Blogging problem


Yet, I continue to receive questions that are, quite frankly, silly. It’s like being on a never-ending rollercoaster ride with novice bloggers who can’t seem to grasp the basics.

Blogging problem

I can show you tons of silly funny questions that these people ask.

But – I don’t want to discourage anyone.

The idea behind witty is to understand the drama.

As I know this drama is continue for a very long time.

Even the latest technology on earth is exist but still our beginners facing problem and needs a hand of experts human to lead them.

As far I think this is a challenge for big giants companies too such as google to somehow educate beginners about there tools in a simple way.

I have gone through the same situation in the beginning but after some times I found that before I search why not to first learn “how to search?”.

So before we go further lets have a quick look on searching the right way.

Learn Google search – OH Really

Google has become an integral part of our lives, serving as our go-to source for information on just about anything.

However, many beginners bloggers are unaware of the powerful search capabilities that Google offers.

we will explore quickly how to effectively search on Google to find the exact information you need, even if it requires multiple queries.

The Complexity Behind Google Search

Google Search may appear to be a simple search bar, but behind the scenes, it is a complex system that analyzes billions of web pages to deliver the most relevant results. This intricate process involves algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to understand user intent and provide accurate information.

The Importance of Effective Searching


For beginners, understanding how to search effectively on Google can save time and frustration. By employing the right techniques, you can quickly find the information you need without sifting through irrelevant search results.

Step-by-Step Guide to Effective Searching

1. Start with a Clear Query: Begin by typing a concise and specific query that accurately reflects what you are looking for. Avoid using vague or generic terms.

Also check the search terms google suggest

Blogging problem

Here’s a quick tip “right after your query you can analyze by alphabet” for example

(your query + A)

Blog + A

Blog + B

Continue to Z until you don’t find the your keywords in the mean time you can add another word and start again with A to Z.

Of course it time taking but putting yourself in efforts will help you save the time you will waste by surfing each results.

2. Use Quotation Marks: If you are searching for an exact phrase, enclose it in quotation marks. This tells Google to search for the exact phrase rather than individual words.

3. Exclude Irrelevant Terms:

If certain terms are bringing up irrelevant results, use the minus sign (-) to exclude them from your search. For example, if you are searching for recipes but do not want any involving nuts, you can search for ‘recipes -nuts’.

4. Utilize Advanced Search Operators

Google offers various operators that can refine your search. For example, the ‘site:’ operator allows you to search within a specific website, and the ‘filetype:’ operator helps you find files of a specific type.

5. Refine Your Search with Filters

Google provides filters such as time, location, and type of content to narrow down your search results. These filters can be found under the ‘Tools’ option after performing a search.

Interesting Facts about Google Search

Did you know that Google processes over 3.5 billion searches per day?

That’s a staggering amount of information being searched for on a daily basis. Additionally, approximately 15% of searches on Google are completely new, meaning that they have never been searched before.

Google Search is not just a simple search bar; it is a sophisticated system that can help you find the exact information you need.

By following the step-by-step guide outlined in this article, beginners can quickly become proficient in searching on Google.

Remember to utilize advanced search operators, filters, and other techniques to refine your search and save time.

Happy searching!

1. Lack of Hosting and Domain Knowledge


One of the first hurdles that beginner bloggers face is the lack of knowledge about hosting and domain.

Understanding how to choose the right hosting provider and domain name is crucial for a successful blog.

To overcome this problem, beginners can do thorough research, read reviews, and seek advice from experienced bloggers or web professionals.

Let me try to expand on this with a story – domain and hosting

Once upon a time in the vast world of the internet, there lived a young and curious individual named Alex.

Blogging problem

Alex had always been fascinated by websites and how they worked.

One day, while surfing the web, Alex stumbled upon the terms ‘domain’ and ‘hosting’.

Intrigued, Alex decided to embark on a journey to understand these concepts.

Let’s start with the basics.

A domain is like the address of your house on the internet. It is the unique identifier that helps people find your website.

Blogging problem

Just like your house has a physical address, your website needs a domain name to be located.

Imagine you have a brilliant idea for an online store selling handmade crafts.

You want to name your website ‘CraftyCorner’. To make your website accessible to others, you need to register a domain name. This is like reserving the name ‘CraftyCorner’ for your exclusive use on the internet.

Now that you have your domain name, it’s time to think about hosting.

Hosting is like the plot of land where you build your house. In the context of websites, hosting refers to the place where your website’s files and data are stored.

Think of hosting as a service provided by a company that rents out space on their servers to store your website’s files.

When someone types your domain name into their browser, the hosting company retrieves the files and displays your website on their screen.

Choosing the right hosting provider is crucial for the smooth functioning of your website.

Factors to consider include reliability, speed, security, and customer support. It’s like finding the perfect neighborhood to build your dream house.

Back to Alex’s story, after extensive research and reading countless reviews, Alex decided to register the domain name ‘CraftyCorner’ with a reputable domain registrar.

Next, Alex chose a reliable hosting provider that offered excellent uptime, fast loading times, and 24/7 customer support.

With the domain and hosting sorted, Alex was ready to bring CraftyCorner to life.

Alex designed a beautiful website, uploaded product images, and wrote compelling descriptions.

The website was a true reflection of Alex’s creativity and passion for crafts.

As CraftyCorner gained popularity, Alex realized the importance of regular maintenance and updates.

Just like a house needs occasional repairs and renovations,

a website requires constant monitoring and updates to ensure it remains secure and functional.

Now that you have a basic understanding of domain and hosting, it’s time to take the plunge and start building your own website.

Remember, the journey may seem overwhelming at first, but with patience and perseverance,

you’ll soon have your very own corner of the internet.

If still not sure and want me to your hand until you don’t see your live blog on the internet then give me your hand here

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2. Designing Challenges

Designing a blog can be intimidating for those who have no prior experience in web design.

However, there are user-friendly platforms and templates available that make it easier for beginners to create an attractive and functional blog.

Platforms like WordPress offer a wide range of customizable themes and plugins that can help beginners design their blog without any coding knowledge.

Don’t worry I will not let you go through hard process but I will give quick tips that will save you time and give you a well designed idea for your blog.

I have researched alot about themes and designing my own first site

The silly thing here is I spent six months to just make that websites design.

It was a Sydney WordPress theme – I went through lots of code for customization and other menu side bar styles.

It was totally my fault not theme publisher.

Now on this blog I use astra it is very light and I have spent very little time  to design.

Just don’t give it much time in start just simple view is okay.

Even if google search console notify you.

As they did on – I am now only researching for the keywords to write content and later I will design.

The benifits will be that indexing takes time in google while I wait I will design the site.

So always Focus on content quality – Later we will talk about this.

Astra: Simple and Versatile

Blogging problem

Astra is a lightweight and highly customizable theme that is perfect for beginners.

It offers a wide range of pre-built websites and starter templates that you can choose from.

Whether you want to create a blog, an online store, or a portfolio website, Astra has got you covered.

One of the unique features of Astra is its compatibility with popular page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder.

This allows you to easily customize your website without any coding knowledge.

With Astra, you can create stunning layouts, add beautiful animations, and even build custom headers and footers.

Let’s take a look at some unique

examples of websites built with Astra


Travel Blog

Astra offers a variety of travel blog templates that are perfect for sharing your adventures with the world.

With its clean design and easy-to-use customization options, you can create a visually appealing blog that will keep your readers engaged.

Online Store

If you want to start an online store, Astra has a range of e-commerce templates to choose from. With its seamless integration with popular plugins like WooCommerce, you can easily set up your store and start selling products in no time.

Portfolio Website

Astra provides stunning portfolio templates that are ideal for showcasing your work.

Whether you are a photographer, designer, or artist, you can create a professional portfolio website that will impress potential clients.

Beyond: Elegant and User-Friendly

Beyond is another excellent WordPress theme for beginners. It offers a clean and elegant design that is perfect for a wide range of websites.

Whether you are a blogger, a freelancer, or a small business owner, Beyond has the features you need to create a professional online presence.

One of the standout features of Beyond is its intuitive theme options panel.

With just a few clicks, you can customize your website’s colors, fonts, and layouts.

Beyond also offers a range of pre-designed sections and templates that you can easily import and customize to match your brand.

Here are some unique examples of websites built with Beyond

Food Blog: Beyond offers beautiful food blog templates that are perfect for sharing your culinary creations.

With its easy-to-use customization options, you can create a visually appealing blog that will make your readers’ mouths water.

Freelancer Portfolio

If you are a freelancer looking to showcase your work, Beyond has a range of portfolio templates to choose from.

With its elegant design and customizable sections, you can create a portfolio website that will impress potential clients.

Small Business Website

Beyond provides sleek and professional templates that are perfect for small businesses.

Whether you run a restaurant, a salon, or a consulting firm, you can create a website that reflects your brand and attracts customers.

So let’s go back to our basic point – don’t be confused but learn carefully and take your time to absorb.


3. Lack of Writing Skills

When I first started blogging I quickly build a site with blogspost and before that in 2006 I had a blog on google site where I used to save my power point design – as I was thinking that this is some kind of storage tool.

But after having a blog in blogspot I felt like there something danger that will need me to struggle to learn and then I found that it is writing.

Yes – writing is the most hard work of world.

In a reading I found that sometimes writers delay the writing process by washing the washroom. LoL

But blogs wants content like a buffalo and we human will never feed it.

However content is the game and king.

Writing engaging content is a crucial aspect of blogging.

Beginner bloggers often struggle with writing headlines, paragraphs, headings, and structuring their articles effectively.

To overcome this challenge, beginners can take writing courses, read blogging books on writing, and practice regularly.

They can also seek feedback from experienced bloggers to improve their writing skills.

So here Don’t worry I have the quick and effective technique that will help in the whole blogging journey that I use and as I have researched most of the successful blogger, writers are using this technique and they have master it.

Are you ready to master the world hard skill.

It’s called the junky technique about it I write and suggest everywhere.

Blogging problem



Like a junky man collect all the ideas from your mind about a specific topic.


Then outline that junk by numbers


Now write with your super power without any second thought – no rules allowed only writing

Now Cut

It means cut without mercy whatever you don’t like just delete and the rest is your work.


First it looks like silly but later you will understand – that practice make perfect.

Use Visual Aids

Incorporating visual aids, such as images, charts, or infographics, can enhance your writing and make it more engaging.

Visuals help break up the text and provide additional context or clarification.

Make sure the visuals you choose are relevant to your topic and add value to your content.

Edit and Revise

Once you’ve completed your draft, take the time to review and revise your work.

Check for grammar and spelling errors, ensure your sentences flow smoothly, and eliminate any unnecessary or repetitive information.

Consider seeking feedback from a trusted colleague or friend to gain a fresh perspective.

 Polish and Finalize

The final step in the Junky Writing Technique is to polish and finalize your piece.

Pay attention to the overall structure, coherence, and readability of your content.

Make any necessary adjustments to ensure your writing is clear, concise, and engaging.


4. Limited Knowledge of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in driving organic traffic to a blog.

However, many beginners have no idea about on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and how to optimize their content for search engines.

To tackle this problem, beginners can learn the basics of SEO through online resources, attend webinars, and follow reputable SEO blogs.

Implementing SEO best practices, such as keyword research, meta descriptions, and link building, can significantly improve their blog’s visibility in search results.

By the way if you are a beginner blogger and having problem in seo for blogging then have a quick look at below tips.

What is SEO?

SEO is the practice of optimizing your website or blog to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

By implementing SEO strategies, you can improve your chances of appearing on the first page of search results, making it easier for potential readers to discover your content.

Why is SEO important for bloggers?

As a blogger, your ultimate goal is to reach a wider audience and build a loyal readership.

SEO helps you achieve this by making your blog more visible to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

When your blog ranks higher in search results, it attracts more organic traffic, which means more potential readers.

SEO Tips for Beginner Bloggers

1. Start by identifying relevant keywords related to your blog niche.

Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to find keywords with high search volume and low competition.

2. Optimize your blog posts by including your target keywords in the title, headings, meta descriptions, and throughout the content.

However, make sure to maintain a natural flow and avoid keyword stuffing.

3. Focus on creating high-quality, informative, and engaging content that provides value to your readers.

Search engines prioritize content that is relevant and helpful to users.

4. Build a network of quality backlinks to your blog.

Guest posting on other reputable blogs, participating in forums, and sharing your content on social media platforms can help generate backlinks and increase your blog’s authority.

5. Ensure that your blog is mobile-friendly and responsive.

With the increasing use of smartphones, search engines favor websites that offer a seamless mobile browsing experience.

The Benefits of SEO for Bloggers

Implementing SEO strategies can yield several benefits for bloggers:

  • Increased Visibility: SEO helps your blog rank higher in search results, making it more visible to potential readers.
  • More Organic Traffic: By attracting organic traffic, you can increase your blog’s reach and potentially gain more loyal readers.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: When your blog appears in relevant search results, the chances of converting visitors into regular readers or customers increase.
  • Long-Term Results: Unlike paid advertising, SEO efforts have long-lasting effects. Once your blog starts ranking higher, it can continue to attract organic traffic even without ongoing optimization.

5. Overwhelmed by Other Tools

Aside from hosting, design, writing, and SEO, beginner bloggers often feel overwhelmed by other tools and concepts like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, website speed optimization, and guest posting.

To simplify things, beginners can take one step at a time and gradually familiarize themselves with these tools.

They can start by setting up Google Analytics and Search Console, optimizing their website speed, and gradually explore other tools and techniques.

As they are eager to learn more and more tools they get stuck and over helmed.

So if you are a beginner then slow down it takes time to build something and it’s a rule of thumb.

At a time learn one thing and as in my other post we have discussed that blogging is not an overnight Success.

Takes Time sweat and blood.


6. Overemphasis on Social Media

Many beginner bloggers believe that sharing their content on social media platforms alone will bring immediate results.

While social media can be a valuable source of traffic, relying solely on it is not enough.

To achieve long-term success, beginners should focus on building a strong SEO foundation, creating quality content, and engaging with their target audience on various platforms.

Blogging is not short term success.

Focus on quality and content generation and don’t just write the content that are already exist.

As seth goddin said “we don’t need more junk”

Look for the problems and solve and win the right way.


7. Lack of Patience and Direction

One of the biggest challenges that beginner bloggers face is the lack of patience and direction.

It’s important to understand that blogging takes time and effort before seeing significant results.

To stay motivated, beginners should set realistic goals, create a content strategy, and consistently work towards improving their blog.

They can also join blogging communities, attend conferences, and connect with other bloggers for guidance and support.


Starting a blog can be challenging, but with the right knowledge and strategies, beginners can overcome these common obstacles.

By addressing the problems of hosting and domain knowledge, designing, writing skills, SEO, overwhelming tools, overemphasis on social media, and lack of patience and direction, beginners can set themselves up for success in the world of blogging.

Remember, it’s a journey, and with perseverance and continuous learning, anyone can win the game of blogging.


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