How to Make Blogger Blog Private – Beginners

There could be various reasons behind which some sort of blogger would like to make her blog individual or give usage of specific people.

Some are moving into my mind I always am sharing with you is many of us create widgets for our blogs in order to share with other people through each of our blogs and we normally build a separate blog for examining purposes.

These situations of blogs should be meant regarding public users these are for developers or webmasters of their blog.

So today this issue which My business is covering on my blog is produced your blogger blog individual or give usage of specific customers.


Make Your Blogger Blog Private Or Give Access To Specific Users

By default, your blog is set to be viewed as public. This means anyone on the internet can view your blog.
Stick with the below steps carefully.
Login to your blogger blog and go to settings >> Basic settings >> Blog Readers and click on edit see below video for reference.
Build a Succesful Blog

Make Your Blog Private

Once you have clicked edit, select the Private –only blog readers radio button and click on save changes this will make your blogger blog private and only visible to blog admin and authors. See below pictorial representation to obtain a clean depiction.

Give Access To Specific Users

To give access to specific users to your blog select private –Only these readers’ option and click on the +Add readers link this will open the text area.

In this text area, enter the email addresses of those to who you would like to give access to your blog, see the below image to get a clear idea. Remember they will have to log in before they can see your weblog.


I hope this effort of ours will help you in making your blogger blog private or giving access to specific users.


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